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Posted: July 21, 2013  

Athletics: Run To You Racing, Llc Announces Pro Football Hall Of Fame Marathon /Half Marathon

CANTON, Ohio (July 21st, 2013) -- After months of planning, preparation, and meeting with city officials, Run to You Racing is ready to kick off the first annual event on Sunday April 27th, 2014.

"It was of paramount importance to us that we had all parties on board prior to our announcement of the race", stated Executive Race Director Jim Chaney, "Having the Pro Football Hall of Fame and all community agencies involved right from the start, understanding their role in the event, and most importantly having a say in the final blueprint was the only way we could see the event succeeding."

The race is a full 26.2 mile Marathon as well as a 13.1 mile Half Marathon. Runners will stay together for 12.7 miles at which point the Marathoners will head out on the second half of the course while the Half Marathoners head past the Pro Football Hall of Fame and then finish in Fawcett Stadium. Course time limits have been set at 4 hours for the Half Marathon and 6 hours for the Marathon. Several local runners assisted in the final design of the race course, with the overall goal of providing the fastest path from start to finish.

In addition, race organizers will be working closely with the community to ensure a complete experience for the runners. Plans include leading neighborhood beautification projects, involving the local schools on race day, and bringing more visibility to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"The Pro Football Hall of Fame is excited to lend our support to the marathon. We are confident it will be a resounding success and another great asset for our community", stated Dave Motts, Vice President Marketing /Sponsorship, Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One of the key aspects of the race is that it is being privately funded, ensuring that all vendors and related race service expenses are covered before any runner revenue is taken. "We presented a risk free proposal to the Hall of Fame, City of Canton, and other community partners. That combined with our race management expertise and approach, we believe can deliver an event that will be nationally recognized and draw runners from around the country", said Chaney.

Registration opens on July 21st and special "kick-off" pricing will be available until August 31st, 2013.

Race details and more information can be found at

About The Pro Football Hall Of Fame Marathon

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon was established to create and sustain a nationally recognized event that builds upon the brand recognition of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, provides a highly personalized running experience for its participants, and benefit the community at large. The event is organized and managed by Run To You Racing, LLC, a race and event management company, with key roles being performed by David Beck -- President and Community Coordinator, Jim Chaney -- Executive Race Director, Andrew Rowles -- Finance and Sponsorship Director, and Matt Mapley -- Operations and Marketing Director.

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