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Louis Riel Dome

OAC Racing Team - August, 2005

Dome Update - October 5, 2005:

Revised public access hours and fees have been posted on the Louis Riel Dome website.

The Ottawa Lions have exclusive access Monday to Friday from 5 PM to 8 PM and on Saturday from 10 AM to Noon.

OAC Racing Team - August, 2005

Dome Update - June 19th:
The latest date for the indoor track to be completed is the second week of July.

(Posted: March 29, 2005)

Athletics: Louis Riel Dome Indoor Track Opening Delayed

Due to some installation difficulties the opening of the new indoor track at the Louis Riel High School has been delayed to mid May.

There have been some difficulties with the concrete floor humidity. The company installing the mondo requires that the concrete floor be at a level of humidity of 3 pounds /square foot, in order to apply the adhesive. The surface is presently at 6.10 pounds / foot.

A a result the mondo surface of the track cannot be applied. Installation of the mondo track surface is now estimated to be the middle of May.

The playing field surfaces, which are on the interior of the track, will open the week of April 4.

Visit the website at:

Posted: February 1, 2005

Athletics: Louis Riel Dome Update

Information Bulletin - Louis-Riel Public High School Dome
The Dome's availability to the public is planned for the week of March 28th.
The objective of this bulletin is to inform you about the progress of the Dome development and construction.

Construction & Timelines
The ground surface for the concrete floor is ready. The dome and the mechanical inflators have arrived and are to be installed this week (January 31st). The concrete floor will be pored during the week of February 7th, the artificial turf installed during the week of February 21st, the track and all other sections during the week of March 7th. The dome should be available for the users during the week of march 28th. If you wish to see the progress in pictures please visit the school Web site regularly at :

Use of the Dome
Many potential users of the sports field have been met or contacted. If you know about any sport groups or possible users who might be interested in using the Dome starting in April 2005, please have them contact Jacques Lortie at 742-8960 ext. 2156 or by email at

IMPORTANT: All groups who wish to reserve hours for the fall/winter seasons, a user form for facility reservations is available on the school's Web site at You are invited to complete the form and return it to our attention by fax at 742-1012 before the end of March 2005. If you have an immediate interest in the use of the facilities, please send us an email at

Please consult it! Louis Riel Dome
We are still available to meet with sport groups and associations who wish to get more information. A section describing the facility features and the hourly rental rates is available on the school Web site.

Tuesday, February 1st 2005

For more information, please contact :

Jacques Lortie
Dome Manager
Ottawa Lions Track & Field Club
École secondaire Louis Riel
613-742-8960, poste 2156
cell. 613-301-1225
fax. 613-742-1012

Posted: January 2, 2005

Running: Louis Riel Dome Update

Louis-Riel Dome


Facility Description
Proposed operating hours
Proposed membership rates
Sports field / Proposed rental hourly rates
Field bookings / More information

Facility Description


The Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) and the Ottawa Lions Track & Field Club welcome you to the École secondaire publique Louis-Riel’s future dome. The dome will open at the end of February 2005. The facility will offer:

  • an extensive indoor track and fi eld complex;
  • 4 lanes of 400 meter and 6 lanes of 150 meter “mondo” running track ; throwing and jumping events facilities;
  • a full size sport field which can be divided in 3 smaller fields;
  • an activity/meeting room;
  • 4 change rooms;
  • free parking with 270 spaces.



Seasonally, we will offer a full range of programmes and activities…



Whether you belong to a track and field or a running club, a competitive or recreational sports team, or simply enjoy staying in shape and training on your own, we encourage you to join us at the Dome facilities and equipment.

Proposed operating hours


The track will be available:

  • Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 11 pm;
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm.

The sports field will be available:

  • Monday to Friday from 5 pm to midnight;
  • Saturday and Sunday from 6 am to midnight.

Proposed membership rates


Adults 18 to 65 years of age
Students and Seniors
Children 14 years old and under
Adults 18 to 65 years of age
Students and Seniors
Children 14 years old and under

Sports field / Proposed rental hourly rates

Prime time*   Regular**  
1/3 field 150$ 105$
Full field 450$ 315$

*Prime time hours:
  • Monday to Friday 6 pm to 9 pm;
  • Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.
**Regular hours:
  • Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm and 10 pm to midnight;
  • Saturday and Sunday 10 pm to midnight.

Field bookings / More information


For groups and associations who wish to book hours at the Dome Sports Field, please contact Jacques Lortie at 742-8960 extension 2156 or by email at

June 20, 2004:

Indoor Track Construction Delayed for City Planning Process

The indoor track planned for Louis Riel High School in Blackburn Hamlet is being delayed. The French School Board has had to revise their work plan to reflect a longer period of time for the site planning process with the City of Ottawa.

Construction should start this fall with opening date January 1st, 2005.

City Hall should refelect on the old adage, "Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way!".

April 19, 2004:

Athletics: Planning For Ottawa's Indoor 400M Track On Target

Plans for the permanent $4-million superdome multi-purpose sports venue at Louis Riel High School in Blackburn Hamlet, an east-end Ottawa suburb, are proceeding on track according to Pierre Tessier, Superintendent of Affairs for the Eastern Ontario French Public School Board,

While the structure is designed foremost to give Louis Riel students more space for their physical education classes and sports programs, there will be public access.

The facility will be managed by one of Canada's top track and field clubs, the Ottawa Lions.

The facility will be the first 400M indoor facility in Canada.

The target date for the opening of the facility is November 1st. Construction will have to start by July 1st to meet this opening date.

Despite the City of Ottawa's largesse when it comes to subsidizing mercenary sports teams, the City is providing no assistance of any kind towards this facility.

January 17, 2004:

Gatineau set for a building boom

The recently amalgamated city is preparing to build a bus transitway, as well as major recreational facilities, Dave Rogers reports.

From the Ottawa Citizen - January 13, 2004:

The city plans to build a bus transitway, two major sports centres, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, exhibition space, offices and possibly a new public library.

This year, Gatineau plans to build Quebec's biggest indoor soccer centre in a vacant tank-track factory and washing-machine plant on Montcalm Street near St-Joseph Boulevard.

The $10-million soccer centre will be in the Connor Building, constructed in 1942 on the site of the Hull Iron and Steel Foundry. With its 22-foot ceilings and 50,000 square feet of open floor space, the building is the largest industrial heritage structure in the national capital.

The renovated building is to open in May or June with three indoor soccer pitches on the second floor. Later, the city plans to add exhibition space for the annual Salon du Livre book fair, offices, and possibly a public library.

General contractor Raymond Brunet said the soccer pitches will have artificial turf and one will include a removable surface so it can be used for other sports, such as gymnastics.

"This building is the last standing structure of the industrial past of this region," said Gatineau Mayor Yves Ducharme. "It is the only one like it in North America.

"It will be a glass cathedral. There will be $1 million in glasswork alone."

Mr. Ducharme said Gatineau will spend $100 million on municipal infrastructure projects in 2004.

By 2005 there is to be a $26-million sports centre and Olympic-size pool in the old city of Gatineau, $6-million indoor swimming pools in Aylmer and Buckingham, and an outdoor pool in Masson-Angers.


Mr. Ducharme said the Gatineau sports centre and swimming pool is the only project that will be financed equally by the city, province and federal government.

One might wonder how Gatineau can afford to build these recreational facilities while the City of Ottawa cannot. Oh yes, it's about choices. Ottawa is in the business of subsidizing mercenary sport to the tune of $6 million per year while Gatineau is not.

Choices, choices, choices.

November 6, 2003:

Athletics: New dome will keep student athletes on track in Canada
Louis Riel High facility to house Canada's only indoor 400-metre surface

An Olympic gold medallist says the coming of a sophisticated indoor training facility will stem the flow of Ottawa track and field athletes to the United States.

Glenroy Gilbert, the Ottawa sprinter who captured gold as part of Canada's 4x100-metre relay team at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, said yesterday the creation of a permanent, multi-sport domed sports venue at Louis Riel High School in Blackburn Hamlet will keep Ottawa's top track athletes in town.

More...from the Ottawa Citizen.

November 5, 2003:

Ottawa area to get Canada's first indoor 400-metre track: Superdome at Louis Riel High School will be 'astounding dream come true'
From Martin Cleary in today's Citizen:

The Eastern Ontario French Public School Board is scheduled to announce today plans for the creation of a permanent $4-million superdome multi-purpose sports venue.

The facility will feature Canada's first indoor 400-metre track and an artificial turf infield to serve Louis Riel High School students in Blackburn Hamlet, plus the Ottawa and area sports community.

While the structure is designed foremost to give Louis Riel students more space for their physical education classes and sports programs, track and field athletes and runners in the Ottawa area also can celebrate the end of more than 20 years of campaigning to secure an indoor fieldhouse for training and competitions.


Comment: This is great news. It seems a bit strange that three years after Mayor Bob Chiarelli initiated an indoor track study, while the City has not progessed one inch towards delivering any assistance for athletics in Ottawa, the Eastern Ontario French Public School Board is able to find $4 million (the amount taxpayers subsidze the Corel Center by each year) to build this facility.

July 10, 2003:

Multisport: The Lack of an Indoor Training Facility in Canada's Capital
Our subsidy of mercenary sport is approaching $60 million
A Runner's Web Editorial

May 22, 2003:

Multisport: The Fight for an Indoor Training Center in Ottawa
This article originally appeared in Ottawa Outdoors Magazine

March 22, 2003:

Ottawa Sports: Let's Build Indoor Facilities Intelligently

Building blocks

By Walter Robinson -- Ottawa Sun

Last June, city council approved the establishment of a strategic delivery unit in the office of city manager Bruce Thom to develop and fast-track the city's public-private partnership (P3) efforts.

This was a positive step and acknowledgment that the city -- like cities across the country -- has a responsibility to build community facilities and deliver programming in these facilities, but not necessarily actually build or deliver said programs. More...

March 19, 2003:

City of Ottawa Facility Study Public Meetings

The People Services Department invites you to a Public Meeting to discuss "How the New City of Ottawa will Deliver Community Facilities"

Over the past two years the City of Ottawa, has been working with the community, and dmA Planning & Management Services, to develop a Facility Delivery Model that will assist the City to achieve its service objectives, ensure financial sustainability of its facilities, address areas of the City where service inequities may exist, and respond to future growth requirements.

The Facility Study focuses on recreation, community arts and heritage, and indoor sport facilities, and coordinated with other studies related to municipal childcare, library and Citywide arts and heritage facilities, to develop a consistent and complementary facility delivery model.

Public Meetings to present the highlights of the Consultants draft long-term facility strategy and recommendations will be held in the following locations:

East Cumberland Library, 1599 Tenth Line Road Saturday, March 29, 9:00 -11:00 a.m.
West Kanata Recreation Centre, 100 Walter Baker Place Saturday, March 29, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Central McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy Street Monday, March 31, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
South Nepean Sportsplex, Hall A, (entrance C) 1701 Woodroffe Ave Tuesday, April 1, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
French Presentation Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre - Ateliers 3 & 4300 des Pères Blancs Avenue Wednesday, April 2, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Following the Consultants Presentation (approximately 45 - 60 minutes) you are invited to assist us in finalizing the report by asking questions and providing comments on the Draft Facility Plan and Recommendations.

For more information please call Renée Proteau at the City Of Ottawa at (613) 580-2424 ext. 26967

March 16, 2003:

Ottawa's Indoor facility falls off track

Ottawa Sun - Sunday, March 16, 2003

Lions, running community left in cold by city decision

By ROB BRODIE, Ottawa Sun

It's a story many a track oldtimer in this city no doubt has heard at least once before.

One they might find even a little funny, if it didn't cut so close to the sad truth.

A well-known British track coach was visiting Ottawa about 30 years ago and noticed a runner bounding along Bank Street. Tromping through the slush and snow left behind by a typical winter in the nation's capital.

Informed said runner was one of the city's finest athletes, the old coach shook his head.

"That's perseverance," he said. "But it's not athletics." More...

March 10, 2003:

Frustrated runners chase indoor training facility

By Martin Cleary

When Ken Parker surveys the Ottawa sports landscape, he sees a wealth of venues -- almost 50 hockey arenas, more than 80 community centres, and hundreds of soccer/football fields and gymnasiums.

But all Parker, one of the leaders of athletics in Ottawa for the past three decades, and the rest of the prosperous track and field community really want is one permanent indoor training venue for the six unforgiving winter months.

More...from the Ottawa Citizen.

February 24, 2003:

Indoor Facility Study Dead:

The study for a badly needed indoor training facility for the city of Ottawa is dead.

The Runner's Web, in response to numerous requests over the past months, this morning received a statement from City of Ottawa staff confirming this fact.
For more... Ottawa Sport: Indoor Facility Study Dead

December 20, 2002:

City of Ottawa Subsidizes Mercenary Sport:

On September 19th I went before the City of Ottawa Health, Social Services and Recreation Committee to request that the City act on earlier requests for the provision of interim facilities and/or financial support for the local athletics community to bridge to such time as, hopefully, the City build an indoor training facility.

This request came after the committee had delayed the start of the meeting to donate $5,000.00 of taxpayers money to the charity of choice of a retiring City senior recreation manager - one who was not particularly sympathetic to the plight of the local athletics community.

When the committee responded to the request with the standard "we have no money, yada yada.." response (remember, this is just minutes after they burned $5,000 as an ego boost to a retiring staff member), I responded that I thought it strange that a city that subsidized three mercenary sports teams, the Senators hockey team, Renegades football team and the Lynx baseball team could not support an indoor training facility. Councillor Alex Munter, the chairman of the committee, responded that they did not subsidize these teams. This is the same Alex Munter who at an RMOC meeting on the 8th of December, 1999 put forth a motion that recognized that "...whereas Kanata bearing a disproportionate burden for Corel Center tax reduction is only a one-year situation, until the new city of Ottawa comes into effect, at which time the cost of this reduction will be spread across the region...". If it looks like a subsidy, smells like a subsidy and walks like a subsidy, it's a subsidy Mr. Munter.


October 23, 2002

Updated Information on Carleton University Fieldhouse

The Carleton University Fieldhouse is now expected to open at the end of January, 2003. The track is being described as a "jogging track" with a 65M straightaway and "tight"corners. It is NOT designed for high performance training.

The facility will be used for exams in April and will not be available for public use.

A two month membership will cost $106 plus GST.

For more information, visit the Carleton University site or contact Wayne Baird at (613) 520-2600 ext. 8441 or via email at:

I have not been able to get any updates from the City on the state of their phase II study.

September 11, 2002

Updated Information on Carleton University Fieldhouse

For more information on the Carleton University Fieldhouse and a schematic of the facilities visit Carleton's web site at:

August 27, 2002

Carleton University Fieldhouse To Open in January 2003

The Department of Physical Recreation and Athletics is pleased to announce the opening of the Carleton University Fieldhouse, in January 2003.

The Fieldhouse is a 4,500 sq. metre, multi-sport facility housing two artificial turfed fields - each field is 175' x 100' while the full field will be 175' x 210'. - and a three-lane 220 metre jogging track. While the jogging track is not a 'competitive' one, it will enable enthusiasts to have a quality indoor training facility year round.

The department will be renting the facility for a variety of uses including; training, leagues, practices and, possibly, mini meets. The brand new facility will be able to accommodate permanent bookings - prime or non-prime time - on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The University is soliciting expressions of interest from local teams and/or leagues for renting the facility for any such activities commencing in January 2003.

Those interested should contact the Carleton booking manager, Wayne Baird, at 520-2600 ext. 8441 or email him:

Centrally located on Bronson Ave./Airport Parkway near the Queensway the Fieldhouse is easily accessible from any part of the City. Our excellent reputation of offering top rate programs and facilities here at Carleton Athletics will ensure all teams and leagues are well served at the Fieldhouse.

The Carleton web site, will have more information in early September.

May 22, 2002

Carleton University Indoor Facility Update

I spoke with Drew Love of Carleton University yesterday to get an update on the facility they will be building this summer:

The sports facility that Carleton will build is a bit of a hybrid in that it has a steel frame skeleton structure over which a cloth membrane, much like what is used in a bubble, is stretched. This provides the infrastructure for lights in the ceiling, etc.

The facility will be in the order of 200 feet by 260 feet. The interior will have a carpet surface in the infield and a mondo type track around the perimeter. Curtains, in the order of 25 feet high, will be used to separate the infield from the track and to also divide the infield into two areas for "cross-court" use.

The track issue, which is being worked on currently, is to try to "round" the corners without taking a sector away from the infield section. While this has not been fully resolved it seems definite that the corners will not have the traditional curvature associated with a normal track.
The length of the track straightaway could reach 90 meters depending on the final determination of the length of the building.

The plan is to provide public access approximately 50% of the time on a rental basis for the two surfaces and the track and to also provide a casual or fixed period type of membership for use of the track.

The plan is to start construction in June and open the new facility in November of this year.

Carleton is still speaking with the City regarding their offer of a joint City/University 200M track on the 2nd level of a new gymnasium building.

April 28, 2002

The City expects to prepare the "Terms of Reference" in the next two weeks for the hiring of a consultant to do Phase II of the Indoor Facility study as decided by the City of Ottawa Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee on February 7th.

April 3, 2002

Carleton pushes for new athletic facilities

By Christine Boyd, Centretown News

University ready to move forward with or without city, writes Christine Boyd. Carleton University’s plans to upgrade its sports facilities will provide badly needed training space, but may let the city postpone building a larger multi-use recreation complex, some Ottawa athletes warn.
Ken Parker, head coach of the Ottawa Athletic Club Racing Team, says he applauds the university’s proposals to build a $3.5-million covered sports field by this summer and a $10- to $20-million gymnasium complex by the winter of 2004.
But Parker — who helped organize recent efforts to lobby for a city-owned multi-use sports complex — says he fears the Carleton developments, if approved, will let the city off the hook.
“If Carleton goes ahead and builds the facility, then the city may turn around and say, ‘Look, there is a facility. People can use that,’ ” Parker says. “We will still need more space and time.”
Philip Marsh, the area manager for the Running Room stores, says he shares Parker’s concerns, but hopes so many users will flock to the Carleton facilities that the city will be convinced the demand exists for more.
“It may spur a second facility,” says Marsh, who was also involved in the lobby efforts.

February 10, 2002

Sports centre one step closer:

City committee unanimously favours $25M facility

David Reevely ,The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, February 10, 2002

Ottawa's health committee has moved a step closer to building a major new sports centre in the city.

The project, which could cost as much as $25 million, has been held over from the former City of Ottawa, which kept the idea under consideration for nearly 20 years.

A city report found that Ottawa has few winter facilities for serious athletes in track and field sports, and almost nothing for wheelchair athletes. The new centre would serve them, be a training centre for young athletes, and have space to rent out for amateur-league games in some sports.

"We're not talking about elite athletes here. We're talking about regular athletes who want to do more," Gavin Thompson, an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, told the committee. He said only Lansdowne Park has decent winter space for the game, and it's booked solid.

"We play till 12:30 at night on weekends and midnight weekdays," he said.

Other speakers at the meeting said the lack of such training space in Ottawa has driven elite amateur athletes out of Eastern Ontario.

The committee voted unanimously in favour of the idea of the centre, and voted $45,000 for a business plan to decide how it could be paid for and run.

That's the hard part. Councillor Diane Deans, who sits on the committee, asked several presenters where they felt the sports centre would stack up against other city needs, such as improved transportation, but got no good answers.

Still, committee chairman Alex Munter is optimistic.

"Unlike many other 'legacy' projects, there's a much greater chance to secure private investment to make it happen," Mr. Munter said.

February 8, 2002

Our online petition is now closed. Thanks to the 526 who signed it. Your contribution is appreciated. This information page will continue to post new information on the status of Ottawa's Indoor Facility project.

February 7, 2002

Indoor Facility Project Gets Green Light to Continue

The City of Ottawa Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee, approved, unanimously, the next phase in the City's Indoor Facility initiative at this morning's meeting.

There were a number of individuals representing a cross-section of clubs and associations supportive of the plan who made presentations to the committee.

While all councillors on the committee voted to proceed to the next phase it, some expressed serious reservations of the funding issue which will be studied in the next phase and the question of this facility versus the Congress Centre was raised.

It appears that a substantive amount of funding will have to come from partnerships with the private sector and other levels of government and other sources of revenue if this project is to get approval from City Council.

It was also clear from the meeting that this initiative does have some solid support from a few councillors.

The purpose of today's meeting was to:

- Approve, in principle, the option of developing a multisport center in the City of Ottawa.

- Direct staff to proceed with a detailed business plan including: an evaluation of the financial feasibility of this option (senior levels of government and public-private partnerships); a review of existing models of delivery; identification of capital and operating requirements; identification of the facility, program and budget requirements for consideration in the 2003 budget process.

- Approve, as part of the business plan development, a public participation process, building on the dialogue established in the earlier phase and close cooperation amongst the sports groups.

February 2, 2002

Read Ann Marie McQueen's story in today's Ottawa Sun - Sports centre in running

February 2, 2002

The Following is a letter sent to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen by Larry McCloskey, one of Ottawa's top Masters road racers.

Subject: Multi-sport training facility
Dear Editor,

On February 18th ( editor's note - February 7th) the City of Ottawa will decide whether or not the plan to build a Multi-Sport Training Facility has any life. On January 6th, Ken Parker wrote a convincing piece in the Citizen on behalf of many diverse groups, and I would like to lend my strong support to his argument. Ottawa is far too large, particularly as an amalgamated Capital, to be without such a facility. Cities half our size, and with half our share of winter, almost always have at least one 200 meter track. Yes, it is true that a relatively small number of elite runners would benefit-- and during my 20 years of competitive running I would have likely avoided many injuries with an indoor, nonslip surface for winter running. But that is hardly the point.

What has been proposed, is a multi-sport facility that would be available and accessible to all walks and wheels of life (able-bodied and disabled, young and old), and when you consider potential school group usage, it is a venue that would address vast human need as well as the bottom line--money. True, there is a sizable initial cost to this facility, but it is an extremely worthwhile investment in the infrastructure of the city and in its citizens. With the pent-up appetite that exists in this very active city, a well-managed multi-sport facility would be a cost-efficient winner for all concerned.

I recently heard that senior citizens routinely walk a circuit inside Carlingwood Shopping Centre during the winter. Which is just as well, because this is the best indoor facility in the city at present. I applaud the participants walking the Carlingwood route, but as a training facility in a world class city, I think we can do better. Let's follow the lead of our Carlingwood seniors and find a suitable venue for all of us.

Larry McCloskey
Associate Director, Student Life Services
Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities

February 1, 2002

February 7th Meeting Agenda for Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee

The following is from the City of Ottawa web site at:

Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee

Link to City Report to the Committee for Approval

Agenda 18
Thursday 7 February 2002, 9:30 a.m.
Champlain Room, 110 Laurier Avenue West
Committee Coordinator
Monique Beauregard, 580-2424, ext. 21622

That the Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee recommend Council:

1. Receive for information the Feasibility Study for a Multipurpose Sport Development and Training Facility prepared by the consulting firm of DMA Planning & Management Services. (Annex A- Executive Summary). The Consultant’s full report will be provided to all members of Council under separate cover.

2. Approve, in principle, the option of developing a multisport center in the City of Ottawa.

3. Direct staff to proceed with a detailed business plan including: an evaluation of the financial feasibility of this option (senior levels of government and public-private partnerships); a review of existing models of delivery; identification of capital and operating requirements; identification of the facility, program and budget requirements for consideration in the 2003 budget process.

4. Approve, as part of the business plan development, a public participation process, building on the dialogue established in the earlier phase and close cooperation amongst the sports groups.

January 24, 2002

Support for the City of Ottawa Indoor Facility Study

I am urging anyone who supports this initiative to take the following action and to request others do the same:

i) sign the electronic petition located on the Runner's Web; this will be presented to the committee prior to their meeting,

ii) contact their local councilor and/or member(s) of the Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee;
The members of this committee are:
Chair : Alex Munter
Vice Chair : Elisabeth Arnold
Members : Rainer Bloess, Diane Deans, Dwight Eastman, Shawn Little, Clive Doucet, Rick Chiarelli and Alex Cullen
Ex officio: Mayor
Office phone numbers and email addresses for City Council is available through the City of Ottawa Site at:
I would suggest that both a phone call and an email or letter would have the best effect,

iii) show up at the meeting and create a physical presence to indicate support and speak if you represent a group or have something in particular to say.

Contrary to an opinion which is being promoted in the community, these are NOT either/or activities. I am requesting that you do all of them.

This initiative requires the support of all potential users. If the report does not pass the committee it will likely be a long time before the issue is raised again.

If you would like additional information, contact me via return email (address at top of page) or at 789-7000.

January 18, 2002

The executive summary of the City's report has been posted on the Runner's Web and can be accessed here.

January 12, 2002

Sign our electronic petition to support the indoor facility initiative. You may also post a message.

*Petition Closed* : Ottawa Multipurpose Training Facility Petition

You can also contact members of the committe directly through the City of Ottawa link below.

Attendance at the meeting is strongly encouraged to show support for this initiave.

January 8, 2002

The Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee meeting which will consider the "Feasibility Study for a Multipurpose Sport Development and Training Facility" report is scheduled to meet at 9:30 AM on February 7th in the Champlain Room at City Hall.
The agenda has not yet been published.
The committee make-up is published on the City of Ottawa web site.

January 6, 2002

This is the article which appeared in the January 2nd edition of the Ottawa Citizen:

Point of View in response to Citizen Editorial "One more costly sports idea"

In the November 29th Ottawa Citizen an Editorial article took a very negative position regarding the need for an indoor multi-sport training facility in Ottawa. Further to this position, there were several factual errors. This article hopes to correct those errors and express a 2nd viewpoint supporting such a facility.

In preparing this rebuttal a number of individuals and organizations were consulted. Specifically, this article has been endorsed by twenty-three representatives from 6 different sports, involved in organizations that have a combined membership exceeding one thousand members of varying age groups. Space limitations preclude listing them all here but they include Athletics Canada, the Ottawa Lions, Panthers Athletics Club (wheelchair sports), youth basketball teams, former Olympians, the TriRudy Triathlon Community, Nortel Networks Running Club, the Running Room and Ontario Bobsleigh. A complete list of supporters is available at

(1) While there is definitely a need for an indoor track facility in Ottawa, the proposed facility is a "multi-sport training facility" intended for use by people in any number of sports.
(2) The proposed facility is NOT intended just for "elite" athletes as the editorial cited. The facility would be used for recreation and fitness, as well as, by citizens interested in competing, citizens of all ages, for any sport, including basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and track.
(3) Currently there is no accessible indoor track in the City of Ottawa for athletes with a physical disability to train at during the winter season. Athletes with a physical disability include novice and recreational athletes, Paralympians and world record holders. These athletes participate in various sports including athletics, basketball, and sledge hockey. An indoor facility would help round out their cross training programs.

Such a multi-purpose training facility, if it housed a track, would be useful to many non-"track & field" athletes interested in cardiovascular training. Running is an integral component of most conditioning programs in sport. The elements of running, jumping, and throwing are present, to some degree, in almost every sport. In the developmental stages of early motor learning, children who are exposed to a wide range of activities will have a greater chance at longitudinal success in their chosen activity. They will be less likely to get chronic injuries, and will show a greater appreciation for recreation as a life-long activity, making them mentally & physically healthier. Individuals with physical disabilities are more prone to chronic pain and early deterioration of their body and it is vitally important to develop and maintain an active lifestyle at an early age. This facility would provide a full range of sport-related services such as physiotherapy, weight-training and coaching development.

We believe this facility could also provide tremendous benefits to the community as a whole by expanding the physical activities available to (i) the educational system, (ii) our physically challenged population, (iii) the ever-growing mature population, as well as, (iv) providing cardiac patients with a place to continue moderate rehabilitation exercises. It will even reduce health care costs for the region. Our Minister of Sport, Mr. Denis Coderre, has been quoted as saying that "nationally, participation in sport can save five billion dollars a year in health care."

The City of Ottawa currently offers over 1,300 different types of recreation and culture programs at:

800 sports fields (outside),
40 ice surfaces,
17 indoor swimming pools,
150 community centers,
other recreation and cultural facilities, and
0 (ZERO) indoor track facilities.

To date, in meetings that the city has had with the community regarding the need for the afore-mentioned facility, the intended goal has always been to provide an adequate indoor location for all citizens interested in maintaining their physical fitness throughout the 7-9 months of "cold weather" experienced in Ottawa each year.

Currently, there are no indoor facilities suitable for running faster than at a jog, or farther than 150m (1/2 way around the block). Further, there are limited indoor facilities for team sports such as basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and rugby, which therefore limits winter participation. Interest has been expressed in a multi-sport facility by a number of sports including, track and field, canoeing, basketball, triathlon, soccer, bobsled, and the Special Olympics.

We believe that the City has an obligation to provide support to the community across all sports in a balanced manner. This has not been the case but the city is now taking steps, hopefully, to rectify this situation.

The City needs this proposed facility. It would provide access to local residents of all ages, across a number of sports, whether their interest is in fitness, recreational competitions, or making Canada's Olympic, Paralympic or World Championship teams.

"Build it and they will come."

Ken Parker has been active in the Ottawa sports community for 26 years as a coach of track and basketball, athlete, race director and sponsor. He currently coaches the OAC Racing Team, which he founded in 1981.

December 20, 2001

I will be on holidays from December 21st to January 5th inclusive.

December 20, 2001

The Citizen plans to run our rebuttal article next week.

December 18, 2001

It looks like the consultant's report on the indoor facility will go on February 7th (to be confirmed by the end of the week) to Health, Recreation and Social Services committee(HRSS) and then to City Council.

The HRSS meeting will be open to the public and some amount of speaking by members of the community will be allowed.
The community should have a large presence at this meeting to show their support for the study.
The public is able to attend the Council meeting but cannot address the Council. Again a presence would indicate support of the community for the study.

I will update dates for these meetings as soon as they are available.

December 14, 2001

This page has been created to provide a source for information on the City of Ottawa's initiative in their preparation of a "Feasibility Study for a Multipurpose Development and Training Facility".

Updates will be displayed with the most recent at the top of the page.

Following a meeting last February with members of the community interested in an indoor training facility,the City hired a consulting firm to prepare a feasibility study.
This study is now complete and will be addressed by City Hall in the new year.
There have been numerous interviews and two public meetings held during the course of the study.
The Runner's Web will post any information relative to this study and the goal of the community to acquire an indoor facility.
We have set up an online community for discussion and information distribution at:
You can join this community by clicking on the above link and following the sign-up procedures.
This is a moderated community which means that all postings must be approved before they are released.
Do not read anything sinister into the name of the web site. This was created a year ago when the discussion was initiated on behalf of the local track and field community.
The facility under consideration is a Multisport facility and representatives of at least 10 sports have provided input into the study.

On November 29th the Ottawa Citizen carried an editorial "One more costly sports idea" in which they took a strong stand against an indoor facility.

Over the past two weeks in consultation with 23 representatives from 6 different sports, a Point of View rebuttal has been written and submitted to the Citizen. They have said that they will print it next week (Tuesday or Wednesday). Space limitations precluded listing all those who endorsed this article.
This is the complete list:
Ken Parker, OAC Racing Team
Melissa Jones, Executive Director, Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club
Joanne Mortimore, Chief Operating Officer, Athletics Canada
James Slepica, Elite Athletics Club
Paula Burchat, recreational runner
Philip Marsh, Area Manager Eastern Ontario for the Running Room
Donna Lachance, Panthers Athletic Club
Rudy Hollywood, TriRudy Triathlon Online Community (700+members)
Steve Kenny, Athletic Director - Immaculata High School, Coach - Sirius Spartans Basketball Club
Lynne Bermel, Former World Ranked Ironman Triathlete
Dr. Adam Dunits, chiropractor/recreational athlete.
Sharon Donnelly, Olympian, Pan American Gold Medallist - Triathlon
Leslie Estwick, 15 year national track team member and local volunteer high jump coach
Grace Verbeek, 1984 Olympian
Kim Lambert, Ottawa Shooting Stars Girls' Basketball Club.
Manon S. Prévost, Ottawa Chapter Canadian Connectors
Manny Rodrigues, President of the Nortel Networks Running Club
Jane Armstrong, Motionware Running Club, National Age Group Duathlon team Member
Michael J. Booth, VP Ontario Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association 829-6117
Jim Carr, President O.B.S.A.
Mike Smith, Treasurer Ontario Bobsleigh
Joe Denes Secretary Ontario Bobsleigh
Ralph Pichler, Athletes Rep, Ontario Bobsleigh

For a look at the type of indoor facilities available check out St. Lawrence College in Canton, New York. The "village" of Canton has 8,000 full-time residents and the University brings in an additional 3.500 students for the school year.

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