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Posted: January 11, 2022:  

(RRW) Athletics: Olympic Medalists Jepchirchir, Seidel Lead Boston Marathon Women's Elite Field

From David Monti, @d9monti
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(11-Jan) -- Tokyo Olympic Marathon medalists Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya (Gold) and Molly Seidel of Flagstaff, Ariz. (Bronze) lead a power-packed women's elite fiend for the 2022 Boston Marathon, organizers announced this morning. Jepchirchir, who won both the Olympic and New York City Marathons last year and Seidel, the Olympic bronze medalist, will both be running Boston for the first time. The 2022 race is scheduled for its traditional date, Patriots' Day, April 18, after being held in October in 2021 due to the pandemic.

PHOTO: Peres Jepchirchir after winning the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

"We are delighted to welcome the fastest and most accomplished women's field in the history of the Boston Marathon," said Boston Athletic Association president and CEO Tom Grilk through a statement. "Though there have been many milestones in the five decades since the women's division was established in Boston, this field of Olympic and Paralympic medalists, Boston champions, and global stars will make this a race to remember on Patriots' Day."

Jepchirchir, a 28 year-old Kenyan, is not only the Olympic champion but the fastest woman in the field. The adidas-sponsored athlete has a personal best of 2:17:16 set in Valencia in 2020. Seidel, 27, who represents Puma, was the surprise bronze medalist in Tokyo, but backed up her third place finish there with a fourth place finish at the TCS New York City Marathon last November where she ran a personal best 2:24:42.

"When I lived and trained in Boston I just became totally enamored with the Boston Marathon," Seidel said through a statement provided by race organizers. "Every Patriots' Day I would go to Heartbreak Hill to watch the runners, and whenever I trained on the course I dreamed of getting to run the race someday. There's something uniquely special about the Boston Marathon, and I absolutely can't wait to line up in Hopkinton this April for the race!"

Jepchirchir and Seidel will face a formidable field. Seven women have broken the 2:20 barrier (a dozen under 2:23), including reigning London Marathon champion Joyciline Jepkosgei of Kenya (2:17:43 PB), 2021 London runner-up Degitu Azimeraw of Ethiopia (2:17:58), and 2021 Olympic fourth-placer Roza Dereje of Ethiopia (2:18:30).

In addition to Seidel, the race also has other top Americans like Sara Hall of Flagstaff, Ariz. (2:20:32 PB), Des Linden of Charlevoix, Mich. (2:22:38), and Kellyn Taylor of Flagstaff, Ariz. (2:24:28). Hall is the second-fastest American of all time, and Linden was the 2018 Boston Marathon champion.

In the wheelchair race the undisputed world #1, Manuela Schär of Switzerland, is the leading entrant, a three-time Boston champion, along with Paralympic gold medalist Madison de Rozario of Australia.

"It's always very exciting to return to Boston," said Schär through a statement. "It will probably be the first race after a very intense 2021 season, so it will be good to see where I stand. I am very eager to return to the roads."

The Boston Marathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, the leading group of marathon races in the world.

2022 Boston Marathon Elite Women's Field:
Peres Jepchirchir, KEN, 2:17:16 (Valencia, 2020)
Joyciline Jepkosgei, KEN, 2:17:43 (London, 2021)
Degitu Azimeraw, ETH, 2:17:58 (London, 2021)
Roza Dereje, ETH, 2:18:30 (Valencia, 2019)
Zeineba Yimer, ETH, 2:19:28 (Valencia, 2019)
Edna Kiplagat (40+), KEN, 2:19:50 (London, 2012)
Tigist Girma, ETH, 2:19:52 (Amsterdam, 2019)
Maurine Chepkemoi, KEN, 2:20:18 (Amsterdam, 2021)
Sara Hall, USA, 2:20:32 (Chandler, 2020)
Desiree Linden, USA, 2:22:38 (Boston, 2011)
Viola Cheptoo, KEN, 2:22:44 (New York City, 2021)
Purity Changwony, KEN, 2:22:46 (Ampugnano, 2021)
Charlotte Purdue, GBR, 2:23:26 (London, 2021)
Kellyn Taylor, USA, 2:24:28 (Duluth, 2018)
Molly Seidel, USA, 2:24:42 (New York City, 2021)
Malindi Elmore (40+), CAN, 2:24:50 (Houston, 2020)
Mary Ngugi, KEN, 2:25:20 (Boston, 2021)
Monicah Ngige, KEN, 2:25:32 (Boston, 2021)
Natasha Wodak (40+), CAN, 2:26:19 (Chandler, 2020)
Nell Rojas, USA, 2:27:12 (Boston, 2021)
Stephanie Bruce, USA, 2:27:47 (Chicago, 2019)
Dakotah Lindwurm, USA, 2:29:04 (Duluth, 2021)
Roberta Groner (40+), 2:29:09 (Rotterdam, 2019)
Angie Orjuela, COL, 2:29:12 (Valencia, 2020)
Bria Wetsch, USA, 2:29:50 (Chandler, 2020)
Maegan Krifchin, USA, 2:30:17 (Chicago, 2021)
Elaina Tabb, USA, 2:30:33 (Boston, 2021)
Lexie Thompson, USA, 2:30:37 (Philadelphia, 2021)
Kate Landau (40+), 2:31:56 (Boston, 2019)
Sydney Devore, USA, 2:32:39 (Pittsburgh, 2018)
Kodi Kleven, USA 2:32:45 (St. George, 2021)
Briana Boehmer (40+), 2:33:20 (Sacramento, 2021)
Caitlin Phillips, USA, 2:34:43 (Berlin, 2019)
Kate Bazeley, CAN, 2:36:43 (Chicago, 2021)
Kathy Derks, USA, 2:36:47 (Carmel, 2021)
Maria Velez, MEX, 2:37:04 (Valencia, 2021)
Rachel Hyland, USA, 2:37:22 (Sacramento, 2018)
Ashlee Powers, USA, 2:38:20 (Chandler, 2020)
Kayla Lampe, USA, 2:38:25 (Chicago, 2021)
Ali Lavender, GBR, 2:38:41 (Berlin, 2021)
Annmarie Tuxbury, USA, 2:39:05 (Atlanta, 2020)
Erika Fleuhr, USA, 2:39:31 (Sacramento, 2021)
Lindsay Nelson, USA, 2:39:33 (Chandler, 2020)
Paula Pridgen, USA, 2:39:34 (Duluth, 2021)
Abby Hamilton, USA, 2:39:36 (Portland, 2021)
Joanna Thompson, USA, 2:39:47 (New York City, 2021)
Ziyang Liu, CHN, 2:40:17 (Carmel, 2021)
Rena Elmer, USA, 2:40:21 (Indianapolis, 2019)
Mary Denholm, USA, 2:41:08 (Atlanta, 2021)
Gina Rouse (40+), 2:41:19 (Boston, 2019)
Katie Kellner, USA, 2:41:42 (Atlanta, 2020)
Laurie Knowles (40+), 2:41:58 (Atlanta, 2020)
Angela Moll (40+), 2:43:18 (Sacramento, 2019)
Hilary Corno (40+), 2:45:07 (Boston, 2021)
Jennifer Hughes (40+), 2:45:28 (Sacramento, 2019)
Sara Ibbetson (40+), 2:46:08 (Indianapolis, 2019)
Aisling Cuffe, USA, Debut (1:12:57 Half)
2022 Boston Marathon Elite Women's Wheelchair Field:
Manuela Schär, SUI, 1:28:17 (Boston, 2017) WR/CR
Susannah Scaroni, USA, 1:30:42 (Duluth, 2019)
Madison de Rozario, AUS, 1:31:11 (Tokyo Paralympics, 2021)
Tatyana McFadden, USA, 1:31:30 (Duluth, 2019)
Jenna Fesemyer, USA, 1:37:02 (Duluth, 2019)
Shelly Woods, GBR, 1:37:44 (Padova, 2008)
Nikita den Boer, NED, 1:38:16 (Tokyo Paralympics, 2021)
Wakako Tsuchida, JPN, 1:38:32 (Oita, 2001)
Margriet van den Broek, NED, 1:38:33 (Boston, 2017)
Arielle Rausin, USA, 1:40:51 (Duluth, 2019)
Merle Marie Menje, GER, 1:44:51 (London, 2021)
Vanessa de Souza, BRA, 1:45:19 (Oita, 2018)
Michelle Wheeler, USA, 1:45:55 (Oita, 2018)
Yen Hoang, USA, 1:51:24 (Boston, 2021)
Eva Houston, USA, 2:41:52 (Boston, 2021)

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