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Posted: February 1, 2023:  

Women in Sport: A New Study on the Menstrual Cycle’s Impact on Training in Female Endurance Athletes

Helping to better understand a frequently overlooked issue

Toronto, Canada - Athletica is helping to move the science of endurance training forward with a collaborative study on female athletes. Three key technologies will join forces in a bid to unravel the complex interaction between endurance training, the nervous system, and the endocrine system in female endurance athletes. Each technology has arisen from years of research and development, and the collaboration between them seems like the logical step in an effort to crack the heart of why females have been so disregarded when it comes to endurance training research. The study will be conducted by:

  • - an AI endurance athlete coaching platform that prescribes training plans to optimize fitness and race performance
  • - an app that quickly and accurately measures heart rate variability (HRV) for better understanding the impact of training and life stress on athlete performance
  • - The Mira Fertility tracking system is a palm-sized fertility hormone monitoring system that provides quantitative hormone measurements and ovulation/fertile window prediction at home, helping women conceive and track cycles. Hormones and their metabolites in the urine measured by Mira can provide an array of insight into individual female physiology and exercise training status.

Paul Laursen, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Athletica said, “Our mantra at Athletica has always been to focus on context over content. That is, the unique situation that stands in front of each athlete is more important than the standardization of any given workout. For 50% of the world’s athletes, menstrual cycles form a critical element of this context. Athletica is constantly looking to better understand and incorporate the science of training for the benefit of its athletes.”

Research results are expected to help better understand the correlation between training load, HRV and ovulation events, and the potential influence on physiological and subjective responses to the training. These findings will also help to improve Athletica’s AI training prescriptions for female athlete subscribers.

Participating athletes will receive free subscriptions to Athletica, HRV4Training and Mira products for the duration of the study and will attain individual and group study results prior to the final release of the study. Participants will also gain valuable learning and insight into how training quality fluctuates in synchronization with their menstrual cycles. The findings of this study are expected to have implications for all female endurance athletes, recreational runners and fitness enthusiasts.

For more information or to participate in the study, please go to

About Athletica Inc. Athletica is a science-based training optimization app that takes Garmin and Strava data to map out a totally personalized training plan. The plan dynamically adjusts when life gets in the way of scheduled workouts so you can still hit your fitness or race goals. In addition to the athlete product, we have a coach platform that takes the grunt work out of personalizing and analyzing training sessions, enabling coaches to focus on the human side of coaching and scale their business faster

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