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This page last updated:   March 16, 2021


Our traffic distribution is in the order of 80% North American (60% US, 20% Canada), 5% UK, 15% other countries)

Male 75%, Female 25%
Average income: $110,000 - $120,000
College degree: 81%
Average age: 35-40
Purchased product(s) online: 31%


The Runner's and Triathlete's Web is a top ranked site for "Running and Triathlon" in Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.

Our News section is indexed by Yahoo News Search, MSN's NewsBot, NewsNow in the UK, Yahoo News, Ask Jeeves News, News4 Sites, BigNews Network and


We have set our ad rates to be competitive with similar websites. In fact, our prices are lower than a number of websites which have less traffic than the Runner's Web.

Effective January 1, 2020 our advertising rates (in US dollars) are as follows:

Event and Commercial Ads
$500 per month for a 300X250 above-the-fold graphic (with link) if the space is available. We only have space for one of these ads.
$350 per month for a 300X250 below-the-fold graphic with link.
$350 per month for an EXCLUSIVE, above-the-fold 120X60 graphic (with link) [Not available for event ads]
$250 per month for a 120X60 graphic above-the-fold (with link),
$100 per month for a two line text ad (with link)

News Pages
Event and Commercial  Ads
$100 per month for a 120X60 graphic (with link)

Event Pages (Marathons, Races, Triathlons, and Race Results)
For a 120X60 graphic or text ad (with link) for a "featured" event on our page the monthly fee is $50.

All ads booked will carry their rates forward for all contiguous advertising periods.


Dan Cruz, Rock 'n' Roll Race Series, USA:
"Every event we advertise with you sells out!"

Emma Snowsill, ITU World Cup Series Triathlon Champion.
“RunnersWeb runs rings round the run my best, I read jest ...just to keep abreast!”

Peter Reid, three-time Ironman World Champion
"I check Runners Web about 4 times a day. I'm addicted to it. It's an awesome site."

Cameron Elford, Managing Editor, Triathlete Magazine
"Runners Web gives you the straight goods. No BS, no frills, just a lot of great information."

Timothy Carlson, Senior Correspondent, Inside Triathlon
“Runners Web is the first place to look for inside information and behind-the-scenes look at the triathlon scene. It’s quick, adaptable and flexible. I like that.”

Lance Watson, Olympic triathlon coach
"The Runner's Web is my "one-stop shopping" for news and technical pieces. I really appreciate having such a thorough information resource for what is happening in the world of endurance sport. Fantastic!"

Alan Brookes, Race Director, ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon & Canada Running
" is your definitive Daily News for runners. A day without it is like a day without your run!"

Siri Lindley, World Champion Triathlete and Coach
"The Runner's Web is my all time favorite site, the first one I go to everyday."

Nicole Stevenson , Canadian 2:34 Marathoner
"I just wanted to comment on how great your site is! I check it out a few times a week, especially after race weekends to find results and running/tri news. I spoke with Ken Parker way back when I used to work at adidas, and since then I've witnessed the evolution of your work. Great job!!!".

Simon Whitfield, 2000 Olympic Triathlon champion
"Keep up the amazing work with, awesome, thanks for keeping me updated."

Amby Burfoot, Executive Editor, Runner's World Magazine
"I'm a big fan of your site".

Triathlete Jill Savege - 2003 Pan American Champion and Canadian Champion, Athens Olympian
"I read your website all the time. It is my newspaper in the morning when I eat breakfast"

Triathlete Natasha Filliol - Canadian Elite Triathlon Team, 2002 Commonwealth Games Team, 2003 Pan American Games Team
"One of the first things I do every morning is check out Keep it up!"

Triathlete Sharon Donnelly - 1999 Pan American Champion, 3 Time Canadian Champion and Sydney Olympian
"...I read it on your Runners' Web, which I have set up as my Homepage of course!"

Finish Line Sports:
"Runner's Web is an amazing site. Everything you could possibly want to know about running is there. There are links to every possible place on the web that has to do with running! This is a site worth bookmarking!"

Eric Schmitz, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach NSCA, Performance Enhancement Specialist NASM, USA Triathlon Level One Coach
"Keep up the great work on your site!"

The Runner's Web was founded as a hobby site in 1996 by Ken Parker. Ken is the founder and former President & CEO of Sirius Consulting Group Inc. which he sold in February of 2004. He is the founder and coach of the Ottawa Athletic Club Racing Team and was a founding coach of the Ottawa Lions Track Club. He is a former marathoner and co-founder and race director of Ottawa's National Capital Marathon and a number of other road races including the 1981 Avon International Marathon. Ken was named Volunteer of the Year at the ACT Sports Awards in 2002 and received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for community service in 2003. Inc. is now a small business venture which founded the Race for Women, now renamed Emilie's Run - The Emilie Mondor Memorial 5K Race for Women (

In 2005 the site sponsored the OAC Racing Team, a women's road racing and triathlon club, and the OAC Gatineau Triathlon and OAC Corporate Relay, the Dave Scott Triathlon Clinic, the Canadian Iron Distance Triathlon and the See You In Athens fund which supports Canada's Olympians.

The Runner's Web aims to provide a portal into the world of running - including athletics (track and field) and road running, triathlon and adventure racing.

In addition to providing access to the resources desired by participants of all age levels and abilities, the site provides timely news and features on a global scale on a 7 day per week basis with frequent, multi-times-per-day updates.

Our audience is the global community of runners, triathletes and multisport athletes.

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