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This JavaScript race time predictor calculator allows you to predict your race time for a second distance by entering a time for a given distance and the second distance for which you wish a predicted time.

This formula was derived by Scott Diamond and is used in his shareware program Runstat

The JavaScript is based on the formula T2 = T1 x (D2/D1) * (1+y)[log(d2/d1)/log(2)]   where D1 is the race distance for which you have the time T1 and D2 is the second race distance. T2 is the time that the JavaScript will compute, and Y is the % slowdown for the longer distance. The standard/default value for Y is 5%. From my personal performances, 4% produces more accurate results.

JavaScript requires a Netscape 2.0 or higher or Microsoft IE 3.0 browser. Check our 'Technical page' link on our home page for information on browsers and links to download the latest version.

Position calculator in middle of screen
Enter the distances in kilometers or meters - both distances must be in the same units, IE 1500M and 10000M or 1.5K and 10K. Enter the time in hours, minutes and seconds.
Percentage (%) Slowdown Default=.05 (5%);   Enter as format .99 (2 digits)
Race Distance One
in Km
Race Finish Time
Race Distance Two
in Km
Predicted Race Finish Time
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