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Magma Communications

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The Runner's Web uses the ISP  Magma Communications. Their web site is at

The Runner's Web is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X (and also should work with IE 5.X and Netscape Navigator 4.X through 8.X) and utilizes frames, JavaScripts and Java. Click on the graphic above to download IE 6.

If you are using Netscape we strongly recommend that you download Version 6.X or later as previous versions seem to have a number of issues with some Java applets, JavaScript re-directs, etc. Download Netscape 8.X here. If you are using Netscape, we suggest you set the font to Arial and the Font-size to 8 pt.

JavaScript: Many of our sites require JavaScript to be enabled. In Navigator, select Options, Network Preferences and click the checkboxes to enable Java and JavaScript. In Internet Explorer select Edit, Preferences and click the check box to enable Java and JavaScript. Earlier browsers may not support JavaScript.

Screen Size: Our sites are designed to be seen at 1024X768 resolution (which the majority of of viewers use). If you have the facility to change your monitor size it will be in your Windows Control Panel. In Windows, select Display and Settings and move the slider to 1024X768.

Colour Resolution: Again on the Control Panel you will find a pull-down menu of resolution options. Select 16-bit colour from this. Note that monitors set to 256 colours may not see certain images in the correct colours.

Fonts: If you have increased the size of your fonts this will impact on your view of the web page. We recommend you restore your font size to smallest in IE and 8 pt in Netscape; this is a function that can only be determined by you and over which we have no control.

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If you encounter any problems with the Runner's Web please contact us by email via the Feedback page available from our FrontPage Main Index.

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