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The Start of Emilie's Run - June, 2012

Updated: September 16, 2016:

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Friday's Digest topics:

1. Does Starting Fast Make Exercise More Enjoyable?
2. A Guide to Protein Intake for Endurance Athletes
3. Enlarged Hearts May Be To Blame For Triathlon Swim Deaths
4. You Should Go Post-Workout Drinking with Your Friends More Often
Meeting up with your friends for a post-run drink could do a lot more good than you realize.
5. Do You Feel Dumber When You Stop Running?
After just 10 days of rest, blood flow to the brain decreases.
6. How to Stretch Your Groin
7. Help for Pelvic-Floor Dysfunction
Experts say itís an epidemic, especially among female athletes. How to get these deep-core muscles working properly so you can run your best.
8. Hereís The Reason Why Some Athletes Stop Having Periods
9. 5 Common Mistakes When Training for a Half or Full Marathon
10. Donít Be A Pavement Pounder
11. Donít Let This Burning Sensation Ruin Your Run
These nutritional strategies and medications can help prevent acid reflux.
12. The Obscure Ultra-Endurance Sport Women Are Quietly Dominating
13. The sporting life
14. Case study: Reductions in training load and dietary carbohydrates help restore health and improve performance in an Ironman triathlete
15. This Week in Running  - Week Ending September 11th

"Hi my name is Danielle Gray, I have been reading your email newsletters for about a year now and I love them. I am a high school runner and I love finding a brief summary about a subject and if I decide I like it I can click on the url to find out more about it. It beats going to all the different running sights. I run am a high school distance runner. I run the 5k for cross country season, 1000, 1500, and 3000 for winter track and for spring I do mainly the mile but I like doing the 800 and 3200 every now and then. I was very interested about that 15 year old girl I think her name is Georgie Clarke. I would do anything to run with her for a day. I couldn't believe her time in the 1500. Well I was just writing to tell you that I love your email newsletters and keep up the good work."

"I really appreciate the Runnersweb and especially the digest. As a physiotherapist I often collect and save various articles on injury, rehab, physiology, training, etc from a variety of sources such as journals, online sites, etc. but I would say that I the runnersweb digest is the largest single resource where I find these. Thanks for all the great work you do in putting this together, it's very much appreciated."
Sean Corrigan

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