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Runner's Web Digest - November 18 2022 - Posted: November 18, 2022

The Runner's Web Digest is a FREE weekly digest of information on running, triathlons and multisport activities.
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1. New Balance Fuelcell Supercomp Elite v3 Review: Just How Super Is It?
2. How to Strengthen Tendons and Ligaments With Strength Training
3. Working out can change your brain for the better. Among other benefits, it can improve memory and reduce the effects of strokes.
4. Federal court protects female athletes, doctors, rejects Biden’s attempt to rewrite federal law
5. Asics Has a Worthy Vaporfly Alternative in the MetaSpeed Sky+
6. Pregnant runners: research says it’s safe to continue into the third trimester
7. The Connections Between Overtraining and Underfueling
8. How to shed the pounds when you work a 9-5 
9. Running can reduce risk of metastatic cancer by 72%, new study shows
10. Are You Draining Your Body’s Battery Power?
Which of the following marathons would you run if you had an unlimited amount of time to train and cost was not an issue?
*	Berlin
*	Boston
*	Chicago
*	Honolulu
*	London
*	Los Angeles
*	Marine Corps
*	New York
*	Ottawa
*	Rotterdam 

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How long have you been running?
1	30+ years 	174  (37%)
2	20 -29 years 	59  (13%)
3	15 - 19 years 	43  (9%)
4	10 - 14 years 	68  (15%)
5	5 - 9 years 	48  (10%)
6	1 -4 years 	39  (8%)
7	< 1 year 	34  (7%)
Total Votes: 465

Marathon- Canadian Record Holder, 2:23:12 (2022), Half Marathon - 1:09:41 (2020) ,10,000m - 31:41 (2015), 2019 Pan Am Games 10,000m Champion, 2016 & 2020 Canadian Olympian
Natasha is an ambassador for Asics, Smith Optics & Aftershokz. She is a proud VOKRA volunteer/supporter. Her passion is running, but kitty cats are a close 2nd!
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By Kara Goucher
In this unvarnished and affecting memoir, Olympian Kara Goucher reveals her experience of living through and speaking out about one of the biggest scandals in running.
Kara Goucher grew up with Olympic dreams. She excelled at running from a young age and was offered a Nike sponsorship deal when she graduated from college. Then in 2004, she was invited to join a secretive, lavishly funded new team, dubbed the Nike Oregon Project. Coached by distance running legend Alberto Salazar, it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime.
Kara was soon winning a World Championship medal, going to the Olympics, and standing on the podium at the New York and Boston marathons, just like her coach. But behind the scenes, Salazar was hiding dark secrets. He pushed the limits of anti-doping rules, and created what Kara experienced as a culture of abuse, the extent of which she reveals in her book for the first time. Meanwhile, Nike stood by Alberto for years and proved itself capable of shockingly misogynistic corporate practices.
Told with stunning honesty, The Longest Race is an unforgettable story and a call to action. Kara became a crusader for female athletes and a key witness helping to get Salazar banned from coaching at the Olympic level. Kara’s memoir reveals how she broke through the fear of losing everything, bucked powerful forces to take control of her life and career, and reclaimed her love of running.
But the book from Amazon.

For more books on Running and Triathlon visit:,,, and

1. New Balance Fuelcell Supercomp Elite v3 Review: Just How Super Is It?
What You Need To Know
Weighs 7.5 ounces (212 g) for a US M8.5
Stack height of 40 mm in the heel/36 mm in the forefoot (4 mm drop) >BR> Full length Energy Arc carbon fiber plate provides stability and propulsion
Goes hand-in-hand with the SC Trainer for training
Available now for $250 in limited quantities in the NYC colorway; standard colorways available February 2023
EDITOR’S NOTE (11/11/2023): Since running the New York City Marathon in the shoe, this review has been updated with some critical information regarding a serious malfunction in the shoe. Please refer to ‘The Bad’ section for our full thoughts and experience.
The Intro
ROBBE: Supercomp, or super competition, sounds like something I’d be interested in if it involved bass fishing or setting off fireworks. Crack some Banquet Beers and settle down for a long day of activities. Super competition when it comes to running sounds like a whole lot of work and effort that probably turns out not to be so super when I finish three laps behind the second-to-last-place runner in a 1600m race. Unless, of course, you’re wearing a shoe like the New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Elite v3.
More...from Believe in the Run.

2. How to Strengthen Tendons and Ligaments With Strength Training:
Runners and cyclists should pay close attention to tendon strengthening to increase power and minimize injury.
Strength training is usually associated with building muscle, but as an endurance athlete, you also need to build connective tissue strength. Your tendons and ligaments, in particular, are responsible for putting force through your muscles. This movement of force creates an elastic recoil effect known as the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) that helps you to run, jump, and make a variety of other movements. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of connective tissue, how to strengthen tendons and ligaments, and how that can help improve your athletic performance.
Why Tendon Health Matters
Tendons connect bone to muscle. They allow us to move our muscles, absorb impact, and transfer force. Ligaments connect bone to bone, keeping our joints stable and in place.
Tendons and ligaments provide an elastic recoil response that allows us to run, jump, and lift heavy things quickly. As we age, tendon elasticity decreases. Connective tissue injuries mostly occur for endurance athletes due to our lifestyle of linear frontal movements that come from continuous repetitions (like running and cycling). Sitting for hours at a desk further weakens tendons and ligaments. So how do you increase tendon elasticity?
More...from TRaining Peaks.

3. Working out can change your brain for the better. Among other benefits, it can improve memory and reduce the effects of strokes:
Exercise alters the brain in a variety of beneficial ways, according to experts.
One expert told Insider it can stimulate the part of the brain associated with memory.
Exercise can also make the brain more resilient against deterioration as we age
Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain.
Wendy Suzuki, a professor of neural science and psychology at New York University, said that not only does your brain experience certain benefits immediately after you work out, but years of repeated exercise can permanently alter your brain and improve your cognitive health. And Teresa Liu-Ambrose, who studies healthy aging and cognition at the University of British Columbia, said that as long as you continue to move throughout your life, exercise makes the brain more resilient to deterioration as you get older.
More...from Insider.

4. Federal court protects female athletes, doctors, rejects Biden’s attempt to rewrite federal law:
ADF attorneys argued for that ruling in friend-of-the-court brief .
In a victory for female athletes and health care providers, a federal district court rejected the Biden administration’s reinterpretation of the word “sex” to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in federal statutes.
In Neese v. Becerra, two Texas-based physicians are challenging the administration’s mandate in Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act that forces health care professionals to perform harmful medical procedures that seek to alter a patient’s biological sex even if the procedure violates the doctor’s medical judgment or religious beliefs. That mandate depends on Title IX, a federal statute that the administration is also attempting to interpret to require women to compete against men on women’s sports teams. In its ruling Friday, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Amarillo Division, determined that “because Title IX does not protect ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’ status, neither does Section 1557.” Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief in August arguing for the court to protect female athletes by striking down the administration’s rewriting of federal law, which the court did in its ruling.
More...from ADF.

5. Asics Has a Worthy Vaporfly Alternative in the MetaSpeed Sky+:
This racer offers slightly more forefoot cushioning and a lower heel-toe drop.
The RW Takeaway: A speedy marathon racer designed for runners with long strides
New Flytefoam Turbo midsole offers more cushioning that the Sky v1
Full-length carbon-fiber plate delivers a very stiff and super springy ride
Not quite as fast as Nike’s Vaporfly Next%, but it comes pretty darn close
Price: $250
Type: Racing
Weight: 7.1 oz (M), 5.8 oz (W)
Drop: 5 mm
Building a super shoe is more complicated than just sticking a piece of carbon in a tall stack of foam and calling it a day. The interplay of foams’ and plates’ specific densities and geometries needs careful tuning to provide a tangible benefit. And even then, some runners will benefit more than others. For example, biomechanical testing of the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly 4% showed that certain runners sped up only a single percentage point while others saw boosts of up to six.
There are many reasons why some runners respond better than others to super shoes—some “non-responders” don’t see any significant difference. Running speed, foot strike, experience, age, body size, gender, and more all play a role. But one promising area that Asics wanted to focus on for the MetaSpeed line was gait mechanics. So, the brand built two versions, each geared to a specific running style.
More...from Runner's World.

6. Pregnant runners: research says it’s safe to continue into the third trimester:
If you weren't exercising before pregnancy, studies say it's safe and beneficial to introduce some activity now.
Exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims has recently debunked some pregnancy and exercise myths on social media, providing reassurance to people who are already runners, or pregnant individuals wondering if it’s OK to begin exercising.
Sims has also written extensively on the topic on her blog, and cites multiple recent studies, sharing that not only is it safe for runners or those who already have an exercise routine to continue throughout pregnancy, but that women can safely introduce activity into their lives after finding out they are pregnant.
More...from Canadian Running Magazine.

7. The Connections Between Overtraining and Underfueling:
According to a new study, overtraining and underfueling share pathways, symptoms, and diagnostic complexities. Those connections have important implications for long-term adaptation and health.
I think the most important workout I prescribe as a coach happens the day after many races. The workout is given in all-caps, shouted with urgency. 
Or perhaps BURGERS. If we’re feeling spicy, BURRITOS. An athlete can make substitutions within the spirit of the plan, but if they eat a salad, it better be topped with enough bacon and croutons to qualify as a structurally-challenged BLT. 
There are exceptions for athletes that have been told by a doctor or nutritionist to follow different guidelines. The main idea is that the post-race recovery window is a good reminder that eating enough food is the key to long-term adaptation in the context of a healthy life. So I might not always be writing PIZZA, but PIZZA is always implied. Pizza isn’t just a meal, it’s a lifestyle.
The rationale: eating enough is key for the healthy function of the nervous, endocrine, metabolic, and musculoskeletal systems, all of which are needed at full strength to encourage adaptation. Low energy availability—even within a single day during heavy training—is like pulling out an assortment of Jenga blocks from our physiology at random and then facing an earthquake. At first, things might not collapse with a few blocks on the ground. But eventually, when the quake comes (if not sooner), everything will come crashing down.
New Study Overview
A November 2021 review article in Sports Medicine by a wonderful group of researchers led by Trent Stellingwerff found some fascinating links between overtraining and underfueling, underscoring the importance of always eating enough food. Let’s start with some definitions.
More...from Womenr's Running

8. How to shed the pounds when you work a 9-5 :
Scientists have found a tried and tested way to keep the weight off - and it's all about when you have lunch .
The secret to losing weight around a 9-5 job is an early lunch, a hungry afternoon and a gym session in the evening, scientists have found.
Fasted cardio, or exercising on an empty stomach, is a tried and tested weight loss tool which some employ first thing in the morning before eating breakfast.
But most people prefer to work out in the evenings and now researchers have shown that adopting the tactic during the day before a post-work workout burns 70 per cent more fat than if you eat before you exercise.
Individuals who had eaten lunch at 11:30am and then did not eat again for seven hours before exercising at 6:30pm were found to burn 7.7 grams of fat after a 30-minute bike ride.
Those who had another meal at 4:30pm and were therefore not hungry or in a fasted state were found to only burn off 4.5 grams.
More...from The Telegraph.

9. Running can reduce risk of metastatic cancer by 72%, new study shows:
High-intensity aerobic exercise increases the metabolic rate of internal organs and decreases glucose available to tumors, Tel Aviv University research finds.
Researchers at Tel Aviv University discovered that running increases the glucose (sugar) consumption of internal organs, thus reducing the amount of energy available to tumors.
Led by Professor Carmit Levy of the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, and Dr. Yftach Gepner of the School of Public Health, the research was recently published as a cover story in the prestigious Cancer Research journal.
“We decided to go deep inside the body, both in men and in mice,” Levy told The Media Line. “We let the mice run every day for a few minutes and we were analyzing their internal organs after physical activity. We were shocked to see that those tissues changed after chronic physical activity.”
More...from the Jerusalem Post.

10. Are You Draining Your Body’s Battery Power?
If you’re an active female, chances are you’re at risk for low energy availability and the health consequences it brings. Here’s what you need to know. 
When researchers screen the nutritional intake of female athletes, a staggering percentage are not eating enough to support their performance and their health.
Here are just a few examples of how many female athletes in various sports were at risk for low energy availability (LEA) and the detrimental health consequences it brings, according to recent research:
 Nearly 80 percent of elite female cross-country runners show risk for LEA in this study.
 88 percent of professional female soccer players had LEA in this study. 
 96 percent of ballet dancers had LEA in this study.
 100 percent of synchronized swimmers had low energy availability in this study!
More broadly speaking, a 2022 study of more than 200 female endurance athletes published in Frontiers in Sport and Active Living reported that 65 percent were at risk of LEA, 23 percent were at risk of exercise addiction, and 21 percent had disordered eating behavior. 
More...from Dr. Stacy Sims.

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