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Setpember 2022 Runner's Web Trivia

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  • 1. Name the track and field athlete who won the most Olympic gold medals at one games. ....Answer

  • 2. Who was the man who has won the most Olympic gold medals? ..... Answer

    Who Am I?

  • 3. Name the athlete in the photo above. ..... Answer

  • 4. In how many Olympics has Merlene Ottey competed? .....Answer

  • 5. Who was the youngest Olympic athletics gold medalist? .....Answer

  • 6. Who was the fastest 100-m hurdles female athlete? .....Answer

  • 7. What is the world's highest altitude Marathon? .....Answer

  • 8. Who set 17 world records in races from 2 miles to 20,000m but never won an Olympic gold medal? .....Answer

  • 9. Who was the first woman to defend her 800M Olympic title?
    1. Maria Mutola, Mozambique
    2. Kelly Homes, Great Britain
    3. Jolanda Ceplak, Slovenia
    4. It's never been done

  • 10. Hicham El Gerrouj won both the 1500M and 5000M in the Athens Olympics. When was this done previously.
    1. It has never been done.
    2. Paavo Nurmi, 1924
    3. Emil Zatopek, 1952
    4. Herb Elliot, 1960

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