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Posted: February 19, 2016  

Athletics: Milestone Sports Collects 500,000 Miles of Unique Running Data

Data from running wearable, the MilestonePod, gives a deeper look into how runners perform

Columbia, MD: February 18, 2016 - Milestone Sports, a leading sports technology company focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through wearable devices, announces it has collected running data from more than half a million miles of running via thousands of running sessions with its MilestonePod. The data collected gives Milestone Sports an unprecedented understanding of how runners run and what shoe they run in, both in real-time and over time.

The data is collected through Milestone Sportsí wearable device for runners, called the MilestonePod. The low-cost MilestonePod connects easily to the shoe to provide runners with a unique combination of run form metrics that help runners improve performance, stay healthy and choose the right shoe. Users wirelessly sync the MilestonePod to their smartphone through a free mobile app to view detailed, data driven insights into their run form. Data available to the brand or retailer is anonymous in order to protect user privacy.

By gender, height and age, shoe brand and model, the company knows exactly how each user is running: how often, how far, how fast, and at what rate of impact, foot strike, cadence, stance time, stride length and leg swing. The MilestonePod has a one-to-one relationship with a pair of shoes and acts as a shoe-life odometer, allowing the MilestonePod to collect data on how long a pair of shoes lasts, what shoes users switch between in daily training and what shoes users switch to when they buy a new pair.

Across the 500,000 miles of runs collected, samples of general trends and insights include:

  • A runnerís rate of impact begins to increase when their shoes reach 65% of its suggested life span; a runnerís rate of impact increases dramatically when their shoes reach 110% of its suggested life span
  • Across all brands, a runnerís rate of impact increases dramatically when their shoes reach the 425-mile mark
  • At the end of a shoeís life (at the 105% mark of suggested life span and beyond), runners intuitively seem to know how to deal with increased rate of impact from shoe breakdown: by staying on the ground for less time. They accomplish this through increased cadence, higher leg swing and decreased stance time
  • Within all runs of 30 minutes or longer, average cadence increases during the first 10% of the run, then generally plateaus until dramatically dropping during the last 10% of the run, showing smart warm ups and cool downs
  • Pace generally slows at about the half way mark within runs of 30 minutes or longer, but rate of impact and cadence does not deteriorate at the same rate. This may show that form does not automatically break down when a runner begins to tire
  • The top three shoe models for women are Brooks Glycerin 12, Brooks Ghost 7 and Asics Gel-Kayano 20
  • The top three shoe models for men are Adidas Boost, Asics Gel Kayano 21 and Brooks Glycerin 12

"As we pass the 500,000-mile mark, our data becomes even more powerful for athletic shoe brands and retailers," said Meir Machlin, CTO of Milestone Sports. "We provide anonymized, yet real life, up-to-the minute shoe-use data to guide marketing, product development and sales strategy, for their own brand and their competitors. With the MilestonePod we can answer questions such as, how exactly do customers run and how often? What is their average age? What shoes provide the lowest rate of impact? The ways to look at the data are limitless. This puts Milestone Sports in a unique position within the running industry."

About Milestone Sports

Milestone Sports, Ltd. is focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through its Wearable Marketing Platform (WMP). The platform collects comprehensive data from a low-cost sensor worn on the consumerís shoe that wirelessly syncs to a mobile device. This rich, real-life data results in meaningful, personal, and timely marketing: the future of retailer and brand loyalty. For more information, visit

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