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  Updated:   February 9, 2022
Women's Running and Triathlon
Three defining women in the sport of running left to right:
Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Kathrine Switzer, Grete Waitz
Joan Kathrine Grete
  Updated:   July 13, 2021
T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us  T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us
By Carole Hooven
Through riveting personal stories and the latest research, Harvard evolutionary biologist Carole Hooven shows how testosterone drives the behavior of the sexes apart and how understanding the science behind this hormone is empowering for all.
Since antiquity?from the eunuchs in the royal courts of ancient China to the booming market for “elixirs of youth” in nineteenth-century Europe?humans have understood that typically masculine behavior depends on testicles, the main source of testosterone in males. Which sex has the highest rates of physical violence, hunger for status, and desire for a high number of sex partners? Just follow the testosterone.
Although we humans can study and reflect on our own behavior, we are also animals, the products of millions of years of evolution. Fascinating research on creatures from chimpanzees to spiny lizards shows how high testosterone helps males out-reproduce their competitors. And men are no exception.
While most people agree that sex differences in human behavior exist, they disagree about the reasons. But the science is clear: testosterone is a potent force in human society, driving the bodies and behavior of the sexes apart. But, as Hooven shows in T, it does so in concert with genes and culture to produce a vast variety of male and female behavior. And, crucially, the fact that many sex differences are grounded in biology provides no support for restrictive gender norms or patriarchal values. In understanding testosterone, we better understand ourselves and one another?and how we might build a fairer, safer society.

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A lecturer and co-director of undergraduate studies at the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, Hooven, 55, not only earned her PhD at Harvard studying sex differences and testosterone, but has now written a book, Testosterone: The Story of the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us, in which she devotes chapters to the matter of transgender athletes. Hooven, with her 2,000 followers and thoughtful, level disposition, is among them, but her views on Hubbard - which she’s happy to discuss in the safer surroundings of an interview - are straightforward. "I won’t comment on whether it’s fair," she says, “but I can comment on whether trans women, who have experienced male puberty, would have an advantage, on average, in most sports over natal females: yes they do."
The evidence, she says, is clear. Males and females don’t differ hugely in speed and strength before puberty, “but all that changes when the testes and ovaries come online and begin to produce sperm and eggs, along with different levels of sex hormones. That’s when males pull ahead. Reducing testosterone levels after puberty, as is the case in male-to-female transgender people who suppress their testosterone levels as part of hormone therapy [as Hubbard has], does not eliminate these advantages"

Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport  Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport
By Linda Blade (Author), Barbara Kay (Author)
The face of female sports is changing.
Radical gender activists are using a pseudoscientific theory of human biology to hijack sports and subvert the long-established concepts of fair play — forcing women and girls to risk their safety, pushing them aside for male athletes using the excuse of “inclusivity.”
Anyone who questions this dogma risks being branded as a transphobe and having their social and professional lives “cancelled”.
In the new book, Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport, former Canadian track champion Linda Blade and renowned National Post columnist Barbara Kay, examine the dangers of gender ideology in sports. They document the attack on biological facts upon which the level playing field of sports rests.
Tackling issues few have the courage to say out loud, Unsporting shows the harm inflicted on female athletes, and identifies the institutions driving this movement.
What does the future hold for sports if biological reality is ignored? Blade answers that question, and concludes with a reasonable plan to reverse course.

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Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports
By Kathrine Switzer

Book Description
Katherine Switzer ran the Boston Marathon in 1967 where she was attacked by one of the event’s directors who wanted to eject her from the all-male race. She fought off the director and finished the race.
From the childhood events that inspired her to winning the New York City Marathon in 1974, this liberally illustrated book details the struggles and achievements of a pioneering women in sports.

Runner's World:
Kathrine Switzer Has Completed Her Autobiography, "Marathon Woman". The book will be published by Carroll & Graf. "We will launch at the Boston Marathon starting on April 12," Switzer has informed her friends. She became the first woman to officially finish the Boston Marathon in 1967 after she entered the race as "K. V. Switzer." She later developed a global women's running circuit for Avon and campaigned to get a women's marathon in the Olympics. Switzer has been a TV commentator; she authored "26.2 Marathon Stories" with her husband, masters running stalwart Roger Robinson.

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